Site FPS limits

Our sites FPS rule is 328 for all Airsoft guns. We permit a tollerance of up to a maximum of 350 FPS to allow for crono/weather variation on the day.

Any questions regarding FPS limmits please email Mark Mitchell


Please ensure weapons are set to max FPS or less, you will not be allowed to use weapons that break the FPS rule


All weapons must be chronoed before you will be allowed to play


Please get your weapon chronoed before 9 if possible.


Eye protection


Eye protection is compulsory for everyone

Anyone under the age of 18 must use a full face mask


General rules


Players 17 years or under will not be able to play on site without a minors consent form

filled in and signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Boots with ankle support are recommended for own protection.

Beware of all trip hazards, rabbit, badger holes, debris, slippery bridges and banks.

Make marshals aware of any medication you need/carry. Keep it in the top left pocket.

Make a marshal aware of any injury's immediately they happen.



No food, smoking allowed in the play zone.

No drinks allowed i the play zone if it requires the removal of face protection.

No drugs or alcohol allowed anywhere on site.

No use of bad language.

No shooting at any members of public that may stray on site.

No shooting at wildlife.

No shooting at anyone wearing a high vis vest.

No pointless firing/emptying of mags of hire guns at the end of the games.

No firing of weapons in the safe zone.

No firing in the direction of the safe zone.

No mags in weapons, except pistols which must remain holstered, shotguns and snipers should not be cocked in the safe zone.


Any showing/demonstrating of weapons should be done in the firing range.

Before re-entering the safe zone remove mags etc and fire your weapon.

Litter and cigarette butts to be disposed of using the bins provided,

Clear all your litter before leaving at the end of the day.


Opening Times


We run Airsoft skirmish days on the second Saturday and last Sunday of every month, gates open at 7.45am and we aim to start the first game at 9.30am. Last game will Finish around 4.30 PM.